• Ms. D. Avatar
    Ms. D.
    9/06/2016 - Thumbtack

    David is the best. He was very informative and gave great feedback on what's wrong and right with the... read more

    Nickola B. Avatar
    Nickola B.
    8/05/2017 - Thumbtack

    We will use him again and refer to all we know needing these services.

    DeShona C. Avatar
    DeShona C.
    8/23/2016 - Thumbtack

    The inspector was timely and detail oriented. He allowed enough time for questions and seemed interested in our needs.

  • Dorrii F. Avatar
    Dorrii F.
    10/20/2016 - Thumbtack

    I hired Dave by virtue of his good reviews on Thumbtack, and he did not disappoint. He was professional,... read more

    Jennifer B. Avatar
    Jennifer B.
    10/12/2016 - Thumbtack

    I found David to be professional, punctual and very personable. If I ever buy another house in the area I... read more

    Randy S. Avatar
    Randy S.
    9/29/2016 - Thumbtack

    Mr. Morgan took my request for inspection on short notice and despite his busy schedule he worked me into his... read more

  • Christine C. Avatar
    Christine C.
    4/02/2018 - Thumbtack

    Highly recommend David! He was very thorough and detailed and was right on time!

    Dwane D. Avatar
    Dwane D.
    3/07/2017 - Thumbtack

    Very good experience

    Vickie R. Avatar
    Vickie R.
    10/30/2016 - Thumbtack

    Inspector was prompt and thorough!

  • Thumbtack Customer Avatar
    Thumbtack Customer
    8/15/2017 - Thumbtack

    Very good experience

    Pam J. Avatar
    Pam J.
    8/07/2016 - Thumbtack

    Home inspection went great,he arrived on time,was very friendly and did a complete over all,would recommend this to anyone looking... read more

    Joshua M. Avatar
    Joshua M.
    11/08/2018 - Thumbtack

    Dave was great to work with start to finish. He contacted me within minutes of my inquiry, and provided... read more

  • Hunter T. Avatar
    Hunter T.
    5/09/2017 - Thumbtack

    Prompt, professional, and thorough. Dave answered any questions we had very quickly after the inspection as well.

    Tami T. Avatar
    Tami T.
    11/18/2016 - Thumbtack

    The service was professional, simply outstanding

    Baskar M. Avatar
    Baskar M.
    2/20/2017 - Thumbtack

    Very detailed review. Excellent work.

  • James V. Avatar
    James V.
    9/30/2016 - Thumbtack

    Dave was excellent! He was very detailed in the inspection of my home. He walked throughout the entire home with... read more

    Tricia R. Avatar
    Tricia R.
    11/28/2016 - Thumbtack

    Awesome!!!! Fast, reliable service at a reasonable cost. Thanks Dave! Very happy I went with you aa my home inspector!

    Matt G. Avatar
    Matt G.
    9/13/2016 - Thumbtack

    Very knowledgeable, friendly. Great job communicating any issues or concerns with the property. Very thorough inspection.

  • Tenaya J. Avatar
    Tenaya J.
    8/22/2016 - Thumbtack

    As a first time home buyer I was amazed and felt very comfortable with the patience DSM Home Inspections gave... read more

    Brianna R. Avatar
    Brianna R.
    9/05/2016 - Thumbtack

    To all - In two words, Great job!!!! I would, without a doubt, hire this company DSM
    read more

    Stephen S. Avatar
    Stephen S.
    6/13/2017 - Thumbtack

    One of the best and most detailed home inspections we've every had!

  • Chauntalia W. Avatar
    Chauntalia W.
    10/09/2016 - Thumbtack

    Excellent, quick, and professional service! I called to schedule an inspection on Friday and the inspection was done Saturday morning.... read more

    Maureen E. Avatar
    Maureen E.
    11/29/2016 - Thumbtack

    A major attraction for me and my husband was his high reviews. After our experience, we couldn't have wished or... read more

    Crystal W. Avatar
    Crystal W.
    11/04/2016 - Thumbtack

    David was amazing, accommodating and thorough!!! I would definitely use him again.

  • William H. Avatar
    William H.
    5/31/2017 - Thumbtack

    David was professional and courteous. He delivered a high level of service and was very detailed.

    Anand d. Avatar
    Anand d.
    11/14/2018 - Thumbtack

    Showed up early; took the time to explain everything; prepared a very thorough report; very knowledgeable; price was very competitive... read more

    Larry L. Avatar
    Larry L.
    4/13/2017 - Thumbtack

    Dave is very meticulous, punctual, thorough, knowledgeable and professional. It's obvious that he loves what he does. After spending 4... read more

  • Patti G. Avatar
    Patti G.
    8/03/2016 - Thumbtack

    Mr. Morgan had a fast response time and arrived on time. He was very professional and knowledgeable. Wouldn't hesitate to... read more

    MOH'D D. Avatar
    MOH'D D.
    11/18/2016 - Thumbtack

    Dave is punctual, helpful, accurate. His inspection helped me decide whether to buy the property or not. I would diffinttly... read more

    Naveen K. Avatar
    Naveen K.
    10/17/2017 - Thumbtack

    David was very knowledgeable and helpful in understanding the details.

  • Alfredo W. Avatar
    Alfredo W.
    10/03/2016 - Thumbtack

    Very professional and provided a detailed inspection report that we will use when closing on our home. We highly recommend... read more

    Hyun H. Avatar
    Hyun H.
    3/28/2017 - Thumbtack

    DSM was very professional and always prompt on time with my house inspection. Report also looked great and easy to read.

    Ryan M. Avatar
    Ryan M.
    8/18/2016 - Thumbtack

    Overall a good experience. David was punctual and very friendly. Report could have detailed certain issues a little more clearly.... read more

  • Martrell Y. Avatar
    Martrell Y.
    8/01/2017 - Thumbtack

    David was very knowledgeable and very thorough in his inspection. I definitely recommend him to inspect your home.

    Jesse H. Avatar
    Jesse H.
    9/01/2016 - Thumbtack

    I recently had the previlege of working with Dave Morgan from DSM Home Inspections and let me just say what... read more

    Janel M. Avatar
    Janel M.
    9/27/2016 - Thumbtack

    David responded very quickly to my request for service and patiently answered all my questions. He was very understanding... read more

  • Trasha R. Avatar
    Trasha R.
    7/21/2019 - Thumbtack

    So glad that I found Dave. He arrived well before the appointment time, was extremely thorough in his inspection, and... read more

    Tonya D. Avatar
    Tonya D.
    7/03/2017 - Thumbtack

    Very professional and friendly. His inspection report was extremely detailed, I felt like he was a member of my... read more

    Michael B. Avatar
    Michael B.
    6/17/2017 - Thumbtack

    Dave was able to respond promptly to my request and spent about four hours inspecting my home. He was courteous... read more

  • Kathy b. Avatar
    Kathy b.
    9/05/2016 - Thumbtack

    Dave arrived ahead of schedule. He is very knowledgeable about his craft. He conducted a very thorough inspection of our... read more

    Tina H. Avatar
    Tina H.
    6/04/2017 - Thumbtack

    I'm a real estate agent. I was searching for a company online with good reviews for my buyer client that... read more

    Jeannette W. Avatar
    Jeannette W.
    8/17/2016 - Thumbtack

    Mr. Morgan was very prompt. Very professional, very thorough was very willing to answer all my questions. I am truly... read more

  • Natazia C. Avatar
    Natazia C.
    10/27/2016 - Thumbtack


    Megan S. Avatar
    Megan S.
    11/14/2016 - Thumbtack

    Dave is a pleasant and professional individual. Our inspection is scheduled for this Friday and he has been very professional... read more

    William A. Avatar
    William A.
    10/10/2018 - Thumbtack

    Great guy...excellent work. Very detailed report.

  • Stephen B. Avatar
    Stephen B.
    9/23/2016 - Thumbtack

    Dave is knowledgeable, ethical, and does not try to up-sell you at all - in fact we had to push... read more

    Kinya B. Avatar
    Kinya B.
    9/10/2016 - Thumbtack

    Mr. Morgan did an awesome job on my home inspection, he was very knowledgeable, very thorough & I would definitely... read more

    Jim F. Avatar
    Jim F.
    12/10/2016 - Thumbtack

    Absolutely great, very thorough and explained everything to me. Would definitely recommend and use him again.

  • Ali H. Avatar
    Ali H.
    8/17/2016 - Thumbtack

    He is the one I am so happy what he done he did inspection to my house and... read more

    Brea D. Avatar
    Brea D.
    10/12/2017 - Thumbtack

    Will refer David to future clients. Response time was great, very detailed and informative. Thank you!

    Danielle L. Avatar
    Danielle L.
    5/15/2017 - Thumbtack

    David was excellent from start to finish. I felt he gave me a solid inspection report (as a first time... read more

  • Diane S. Avatar
    Diane S.
    11/14/2016 - Thumbtack

    David did a great job. He was on time and very through. Really made the home buying experience a... read more

    Thomas s. Avatar
    Thomas s.
    11/06/2016 - Thumbtack

    On time and efficient. Very informative.

    Amber H. Avatar
    Amber H.
    9/21/2016 - Thumbtack

    Dave is the most professional and thorough inspector ever! I would use him for all of my homes and would... read more

  • Amy M. Avatar
    Amy M.
    1/24/2017 - Thumbtack

    fast, efficient. would use again.

    Thumbtack Customer Avatar
    Thumbtack Customer
    9/06/2017 - Thumbtack

    He provided the service I needed and showed up on time. I saved more than $250 by using this company.

    Susanne B. Avatar
    Susanne B.
    1/24/2017 - Thumbtack

    Very professional.

  • Ruming Y. Avatar
    Ruming Y.
    9/29/2016 - Thumbtack

    excellent works, easily schedule even in the weekend, submit report within 24 hours


  • Yvette F. Avatar
    Yvette F.
    12/01/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    David was very professional and knowledgeable. Very detailed and to the point. I would recommend him any day. He knows... read more

    Kelly L. Avatar
    Kelly L.
    11/05/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave Morgan was prompt, professional, responsive and easy to talk to. The detail on his report left no stone unturned... read more

    Donald W. Avatar
    Donald W.
    8/01/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Was great.

  • Sandra E. Avatar
    Sandra E.
    10/23/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional, showed up when promised

    Danielle L. Avatar
    Danielle L.
    2/07/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    My inspector Dave was very thorough and pleasant, I would definitely refer him to my friends and family.

    Jeffrey S. Avatar
    Jeffrey S.
    4/30/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Got a quick response back and I enjoyed talking to there inspector David he explained how he does his work... read more

  • Zalika B. Avatar
    Zalika B.
    1/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Great experience! Inspector was thorough and explained everything.

    Jane S. Avatar
    Jane S.
    8/27/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very professional, came out when promised. Answered all questions I had.

    Robert J. Avatar
    Robert J.
    5/20/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Easy to work with. Very professional.

  • Demetrie P. Avatar
    Demetrie P.
    2/07/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Inspector was very friendly and informative.

    Joy W. Avatar
    Joy W.
    9/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    He was prompt, precessional, and knowledgeable.

    Lety E. Avatar
    Lety E.
    5/31/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    David was very informative and explained his process from beginning to end. Afterwards he sent a detailed report of everything... read more

  • Joseph V. Avatar
    Joseph V.
    7/09/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    A long lost profession true cutomer service

    Kim S. Avatar
    Kim S.
    9/30/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Mr. Morgan was very professional & observed and very knowledgeable about his profession is highly recommend him.

    Andrew P. Avatar
    Andrew P.
    1/25/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave gave a very thorough and comprehensive inspection, and provided a detailed report complete with pictures and recommendations. He was... read more

  • Kinya B. Avatar
    Kinya B.
    9/09/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Mr.Morgan was amazing ! During my home inspection he made me very knowledgeable every step of the way. I would... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    3/23/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    quick response

    Jackie P. Avatar
    Jackie P.
    11/28/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Honest and efficient!

  • Freddie L. Avatar
    Freddie L.
    5/01/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was outstanding, prompt and very courteous. He explained the process and gave some very helpful hints for the future.... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    4/27/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    David Morgan is honest, detailed and very thorough. I now feel like I know everything about the home that I... read more

    a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    8/10/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    very thorough and knowledgeable I would recommend his services to anyone buying a home.

  • Dionne B. Avatar
    Dionne B.
    11/16/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was great, very thorough and checking every aspect of the home inside and out!

    Nathaniel G. Avatar
    Nathaniel G.
    7/12/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    DSM is excellent. The service was a great value. He is very thorough and will also tell you exactly how... read more

    Brianna R. Avatar
    Brianna R.
    9/06/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    The inspector was very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of homebuilding. He stated that he was a former builder... read more

  • Shakeelah C. Avatar
    Shakeelah C.
    5/01/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was excellent. He came out to the home the next morning and did a very thorough inspection with a... read more

    Melissa C. Avatar
    Melissa C.
    5/17/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    David was extremely informative. He makes sure you understand what he is looking for and why. He is upfront with... read more

    Andrea L. Avatar
    Andrea L.
    3/12/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Doug heard about our emergency situation and was able to come to us right away. Yes, I would recommend him... read more

  • Willis L. Avatar
    Willis L.
    11/05/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    great job

    Reginald G. Avatar
    Reginald G.
    3/25/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Mr Dave was very knowledgeable and professional. He took his time and ensured he did the job right

    Dan M. Avatar
    Dan M.
    7/06/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Great service and very knowledgeable!

  • Robert H. Avatar
    Robert H.
    5/05/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave arrives early to the property and does a thorough inspection, great value!

    Pitts L. Avatar
    Pitts L.
    10/27/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    The inspector help as soon as the next day it was needed to close on a house so i appreciated... read more

    Christopher P. Avatar
    Christopher P.
    12/21/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was extremely thorough. was also very flexible and answered all my questions. He is not one of those guys... read more

  • Mori T. Avatar
    Mori T.
    4/14/2019 - HomeAdvisor

    *Very detailed and thorough*

    Dexter S. Avatar
    Dexter S.
    4/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Mr. Dave Morgan is a very honest caring individual, He knows that a house inspection is very important when it... read more

    Siva P. Avatar
    Siva P.
    2/12/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was very quick to respond, punctual, honest and thorough. I highly recommend his service.

  • Lisa C. Avatar
    Lisa C.
    2/06/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Responded in a timely and professional fashion.

    Aamni H. Avatar
    Aamni H.
    3/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was very friendly and helpful. His customer service was great, I hate that I got him out to do... read more

    Ramesh G. Avatar
    Ramesh G.
    5/15/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave did a very good job. though it was on a short notice he was open to take it up.He... read more

  • Joseph W. Avatar
    Joseph W.
    8/06/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    David was very attentive and thorough, showed up on time and explained in detail the process of the inspection

    Amber H. Avatar
    Amber H.
    9/21/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Mr. Morgan is extremely knowledgeable and is the humblest man ever. He is very professional, flexible and affordable. I would... read more

    Cynthia H. Avatar
    Cynthia H.
    11/25/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I love the fact that David Morgan took his time to do the job...he's my 1st home Inspection and he... read more

  • Michelle S. Avatar
    Michelle S.
    9/29/2016 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave is very passionate about his work and to willing to take the time needed to ensure his customer gets... read more

    Jason C. Avatar
    Jason C.
    5/12/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Was a great price and the guy did a great job

    Robert K. Avatar
    Robert K.
    9/06/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    David was extremely through and provided a detailed report. He went over all the issues he found and high lighted... read more

  • Hemal P. Avatar
    Hemal P.
    5/21/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Has done great job sending detailed report.

    Janice R. Avatar
    Janice R.
    6/13/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Mr. Dave provided a well detailed report. He was there in a timely manner. He did the inspection in the... read more

    Wayne B. Avatar
    Wayne B.
    5/16/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was very through and provided an extremely detailed report. He takes time to explain items and is very knowledgeable.... read more

  • Rontavious W. Avatar
    Rontavious W.
    4/19/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    They were very knowledgeable and gave clear verbal and visible description of problems we found in home. Will be absolutely... read more

    Suraayah H. Avatar
    Suraayah H.
    1/27/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Fast, knowledgeable, reliable,and personable company

    James C. Avatar
    James C.
    6/22/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very responsive and knowledgeable. He was very accommodative and willing to work on my schedule.

  • Odell W. Avatar
    Odell W.
    6/26/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Very Professional and Knowledgeable. Showed up early and walked through property and gave detailed report, and then later I was... read more

    Immon J. Avatar
    Immon J.
    4/21/2018 - HomeAdvisor

    My wife and I are in the process of purchasing our first home in Atlanta. Mr. Dave was a great... read more

    Terrence W. Avatar
    Terrence W.
    7/11/2017 - HomeAdvisor


  • a homeowner Avatar
    a homeowner
    3/24/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    Dave was very honest about everything. He ask you first hand what are your biggest concerns. He was professional and... read more

    Nekethia W. Avatar
    Nekethia W.
    1/07/2017 - HomeAdvisor

    I never do reviews but I will take the time to do this one because the service was beyond wonderful... read more


  • Silva Tavitian Avatar
    Silva Tavitian
    5/14/2019 - Google

    Dave did a very thorough inspection on my clients home. His experience of 30+ years is obvious with the meticulous... read more

    Chalandria Spires Avatar
    Chalandria Spires
    8/14/2018 - Google

    David was awesome and very thorough! He did everything in a timely manner i will definitely recommend him to any... read more

    Pam Boll Avatar
    Pam Boll
    9/14/2018 - Google

    David was extremely thorough! I was very impressed with his knowledge! He did an excellent job and I... read more

  • Jenna Flanagan Avatar
    Jenna Flanagan
    8/14/2018 - Google

    As a realtor, I understand firsthand the importance of quality home inspections. My associates and I trust DSM with all... read more

    Lisa Santos Avatar
    Lisa Santos
    10/14/2018 - Google

    Dave did a great job! And on short notice. Answered every question! Price was good. Very friendly! Definitely use him!!!

    R R Avatar
    R R
    7/24/2019 - Google

    Highly recommend!!! Very reliable, knowledgeable, precise and just a great personable individual!!! Would definitely hire again

  • Deb Ward Avatar
    Deb Ward
    6/14/2019 - Google

    DSM Home Inspection is a EXCELLENT company. Mr. Dave Morgan was very professional, caring, and knowledgeable. He took... read more

    Hunter Dunlap Avatar
    Hunter Dunlap
    7/24/2019 - Google

    I needed a home inspection done and DSM was recommended by my realtor. I called DSM and even on the... read more

    Deonterri Dennis Avatar
    Deonterri Dennis
    8/13/2019 - Google

    Highly recommend and for a great price

  • Selena Heard Avatar
    Selena Heard
    8/13/2019 - Google

    I had my potential home inspected on Saturday morning, I highly recommend this gentlemen. Mr.Dave went over and beyond when... read more

    Shavon Hagger Avatar
    Shavon Hagger
    7/17/2019 - Google

    David did an awesome inspection on our new construction. Fair pricing for quality service. I highly recommend his company.

    Melinda English Avatar
    Melinda English
    8/14/2018 - Google

    Dave delivers quality service with all of my clients. He is the only inspector I trust.

  • Rasheena Dunn Avatar
    Rasheena Dunn
    6/14/2019 - Google

    Awesome service, attention too detail. Excellent service in a short notice. I would definitely recommend Mr David

    Renee McLaughlin Avatar
    Renee McLaughlin
    2/14/2019 - Google

    Dave was GREAT!! He was punctual, knowledgeable, professional,and AFFORDABLE. He came out the very next day and I received my... read more

    William Adams Avatar
    William Adams
    10/14/2018 - Google

    I called Dave on a Friday and btw was there on Sunday. He was very friendly and knowledgeable about the... read more

  • C Avatar
    6/14/2019 - Google

    He was very knowledgeable, punctual, approachable. Made sure to thoroughly answer any question I had. Provide me with the precise... read more

    Foster Tuck Avatar
    Foster Tuck
    9/14/2018 - Google

    Dave is truly an honorable home inspector. He is very knowledgeable and thorough during his inspection. Very, observant... read more

    Dexter Wilson Avatar
    Dexter Wilson
    8/14/2017 - Google

    Excellent service and very affordable price especially for such a short notice. I needed the inspection done right away and... read more

  • Eustace Jeffers Avatar
    Eustace Jeffers
    3/14/2019 - Google

    I would recommend Mr. Morgan any day! He was very polite and very very very thorough with the home inspection.... read more

    Angela Wilkinson Avatar
    Angela Wilkinson
    11/14/2018 - Google

    Dave was AWESOME! I called and he came in less than 24 hours. He was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. And... read more

    Leeann Shipes Avatar
    Leeann Shipes
    8/14/2017 - Google

    I had a next day appointment with an affordable price very thorough inspection i'm very grateful for Daves... read more

  • crystal williams Avatar
    crystal williams
    8/14/2018 - Google

    If your looking for an awesome company to inspect your house this is the business to seek. Dave inspected my... read more

    j williams Avatar
    j williams
    8/14/2017 - Google

    I would definitely recommend DSM , affordable, polite and very professional, the inspector is very knowledgeable and did an exceptional job

    chance morgan Avatar
    chance morgan
    4/14/2019 - Google

    Dave was awesome, friendly, professional and really knew his stuff. He was willing to go over all of our questions... read more

  • Trasha Collins-Reed Avatar
    Trasha Collins-Reed
    7/24/2019 - Google

    Quality service and very honest. Dave is definitely on the buyer’s side.

    Brandon Pitts Avatar
    Brandon Pitts
    7/31/2019 - Google

    Highly recommend Dave, he was very thorough in his inspection and did a fantastic job.

    Mary Hollis Avatar
    Mary Hollis
    8/14/2018 - Google

    David communicated well and showed up early for our inspection appointment. He was thorough and detailed in his report which... read more

  • Tucute Sweetallover Avatar
    Tucute Sweetallover
    8/14/2017 - Google

    The Home inspector assign to do my house was the Best!!! I am a first time home buyer and the... read more

    Jonathan Hinds Avatar
    Jonathan Hinds
    11/14/2018 - Google

    David was great to work with! He was able to inspect my house on short notice (called him on Friday... read more

    David Berger Avatar
    David Berger
    8/14/2017 - Google

    As a first-time home buyer he managed to help us out within the next day and gave a fantastically thorough... read more

  • dawn huszar Avatar
    dawn huszar
    8/14/2018 - Google

    Just had my home inspection with Dave, they were courteous and very helpful. They made sure I had my inspection... read more

    Asha-Nadia Sufi Avatar
    Asha-Nadia Sufi
    6/14/2019 - Google

    Mr Morgan was amazing. He was very thorough and personable. This was my first inspection for a home and I... read more

    Lolita Rowe Avatar
    Lolita Rowe
    6/14/2019 - Google

    Excellent service!

  • Deja Pulley Avatar
    Deja Pulley
    4/14/2019 - Google

    As an Realtor. I know the importance of a great inspector. And DSM delivered that. Overall, it was a great... read more

    nakysha perkins Avatar
    nakysha perkins
    11/14/2018 - Google

    I called DSM Home Inspections a long time ago but did not get my home inspected. Months pass and my... read more

    Angela Jackson Avatar
    Angela Jackson
    11/14/2018 - Google

    Mr.Dave is so passionate about his work and customers. I am glad to have found him to do my... read more

  • Charice Watts Avatar
    Charice Watts
    7/14/2019 - Google

    Mr. Morgan was very professional and in conducting my home business inspection. He explained everything in detail. I would definately... read more

    Anitra Rhea Avatar
    Anitra Rhea
    2/14/2019 - Google

    Mr.Dave was very friendly and politeAnd there at the time he said he was going to be there very affordable... read more

    nakisha merrell Avatar
    nakisha merrell
    3/14/2019 - Google

    David was very informative with me and my husband we’re very pleased and we will be recommending him to everyone... read more

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